Tangier.. A stray dog ​​“bites” a New Zealand tourist, and the group explains itself

Ismaïl Bouyakoubi – Heba Press

The Tangier group has broken its silence regarding its responsibility for the bite of a stray dog ​​on a New Zealand tourist in the city of Tangier, stressing that it was only a simple scratch.

The Community of Tangier explained, through the Directorate of Health Preservation and according to the tourist’s words, that he was not exposed to a bite, but rather to a simple scratch while he was was trying to play with a stray cat and dog on one of the city streets. The Health Preservation Department confirmed that the tourist’s health condition was being monitored by Dr Kawthar, the department said the injuries sustained by the tourist are superficial and do not cause concern.

Stray dogs are widespread in the streets of Tangier and the procedure for their culling initially caused great controversy, especially in pet-related activities, after which the competent authorities decided to vaccinate a number of them. them against rabies.

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