The Cameroon national team is threatened with exclusion from the next two CANs


Some French media sources have revealed the possibility that the Cameroon national team will be absent from the next two editions of the Africa Cup of Nations after the big scandal linked to the age of its players.

In recent hours, certain media sources have mentioned the case of Cameroonian player Wilfred Nathan Douala, who was quickly removed by the Cameroonian Football Federation, with the reason that he would have altered his legal age, during the recent Cup final. of Nations in Côte d’Ivoire, having used documents showing that he was 17 years old.

According to the French newspaper Le Monde, which discussed the case of player Wilfred Nathan, the affair was not limited to the falsification of his legal age, it even went so far as to forge his real name. The famous newspaper confirmed that his name is Alexander Bardelli and his real age is 23 years old.

The Cameroonian player raised many doubts during the last continental competition in Ivory Coast, especially since his appearance did not give the impression that he was 17 years old. This triggered a large wave of doubt on social networks at that time.

The same source also revealed that the player’s name, Alexander Bardelli, was swapped two years ago during the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations, which took place in Cameroon. The newspaper published an article about a club called Oryx, which had a player with that name in its ranks. He looks a lot like Wilfred Nathan. Both parties were also found to have the same mark or scar on the right eyebrow of the face.

After this controversial issue in Cameroonian football, the Confederation of African Football has decided to open an investigation into this matter, however if the circumstances of the case are confirmed, the Cameroonian national team will be threatened with numerous sanctions in the coming periods. come. The most notable of these is the exclusion from participation in the African Cup of Nations in the next two editions.

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