“Boxing night Nador”: When our young people from here and Germany come together as one family


The city of Nador lives at the time of “Boxing night Nador”, an exceptional Boxing event where friendship, solidarity, familiarity, citizenship and the best possible relationship between our fellow citizens of Nador and its Region and our MREs in Germany

This effective approach between the two generations has notably resulted in a real understanding of the fact therefore of the true meaning of the same mentality and the same Culture, although our MRE were born, raised and lived far from the country except that they have always kept the core of their roots and it is in this precise context that they quickly established solid relationships with their peers here so that they could court each other better

We were then able to notice that there is an extraordinary understanding between these two young people, which created an atmosphere of joy, of enthusiasm, which heated up the floor where they are staying next to each other in a Palace in the corner of Nador, in preparation for their respective duels this evening of Saturday June 8, 2024 at the Indoor Sports Hall where again, their fights will be more attractive and more spectacular because in a more friendly register, beyond the winner or the loser since all gathered under the Banner of Our Eternal Motto ALLAH, Al Watan, Al Malik!

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