E-reputation: Growing recognition of Moroccan craftsmanship internationally


The first annual report analyzing the E-reputation of Moroccan craftsmanship notes the growing recognition of Moroccan craftsmanship internationally.

The analysis focused on mentions of “Handmade” products in 2023, with around 5 million mentions globally and 159,500 mentions nationally, reports this report from Maison de l’Artisan, the result of the Market system. Intelligence launched in April 2023 by the Minister of Tourism, Crafts and the Social and Solidarity Economy, Fatim-Zahra Ammor.

Pottery is the most mentioned product, representing 16% of “Handmade” mentions globally, and the United States is the first country interested in these products, with 14% of global mentions, the ministry said in a press release. .

An analysis of the opinions of consumers who purchased Moroccan craft products in 2023 was carried out, covering 4,400 opinions, specifies the ministry.

The overall satisfaction rate is 91%, with positive assessments mainly for product design (20.6%), delivery conditions (13.7%) and product quality (13.6%), while that the most sold products online are rugs, traditional clothing and brassware products.

According to the same source, interest in Moroccan artisanal products continues to grow internationally, particularly in France (24% of mentions) and the United States (14.5% of mentions).

In 2023, the most popular products are carpets (17.6% of mentions), jewelry (10.9% of mentions) and zellige (10.7% of mentions).

Instagram turns out to be the main channel used to communicate around these products, representing 27% of the volume of mentions, the ministry said.

This report highlights the growing recognition and appreciated quality of Moroccan craftsmanship on the international scene, also highlighting the importance of the sector in the Moroccan economy and culture.

The data comes from various E-commerce platforms and social networks such as Twitter (X), Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, Amazon, as well as blogs and electronic media.

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