HIBAPRESS-RABAT-Saudi National Meteorological Center

The official spokesperson of the Saudi Ministry of Health, Dr. Muhamad Bin Khalid Bin Abdullah Al-Abdulaali indicated that rising temperatures pose a huge challenge to the current Hajj season, and that this situation poses a danger to pilgrims.

The Saudi official emphasized the importance of following health guidelines issued by the ministry, including carrying umbrellas to avoid direct exposure to the sun, hydrating with sufficient amounts of water and doing breaks between rituals to minimize fatigue and heat stress.

Mr. Al-Abdulaalia insisted on the need for pilgrims to respect these instructions in order to guarantee their safety and health during the rituals, noting that the ministry is doing everything possible to provide pilgrims with a healthy and safe environment in these climatic conditions. difficult.

The National Meteorological Center had forecast temperatures ranging from 45 to 48 degrees Celsius, with little chance of rain, stressing the need to follow health guidelines of carrying an umbrella, drinking enough water regularly, not expose directly to the sun and rest between rituals.

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