Tomorrow, 30 and last day of Botola Pro 1 where we will know who from Raja or FAR will be champion and who will accompany CAYB to Botola Pro 2


Tomorrow, the curtain will fall on the Botola Pro 1 season 2024 with the repercussions of a spectacular distance duel between the leader Raja, who overtakes his runner-up AS FAR by one point, which means that if the Greens win MC Oujda , they will win the Trophy and that all a misstep and the success of the soldiers, the latter will add a second Coronation to their purse after that of last year

Also, suspense will hover over this 30th and final day of competition, including another severe confrontation at a distance between the MCO and SCC Mohammedia for the 2nd relegation position after the real fall of CAY Berrechid

Still, this end of the journey will certainly see more than one surprise


Friday, all matches at 6:00 p.m.








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