Aid El Adha and spices: When it is advisable to add condiments in moderation. The essential role of cumin


Moroccan cuisine is known for the use of diverse and varied spices to enhance dishes and give them taste and flavor. During Aid El Adh, spices are even more present in the different preparations, they constitute the central element of several recipes and are therefore widely consumed.

The digestive system and the stomach in particular can be irritated in the presence of a high dose of spices in dishes, this is why it is advisable to add condiments in moderation and to avoid the consumption of spicy dishes. The evening.

People suffering from digestive conditions, especially in the stomach, are more susceptible to irritation of the digestive organs and should avoid large quantities of condiments. Just like spices, garlic and chili pepper enhance the taste, however you have to be careful not to add too much to avoid irritating the stomach lining.

Known for its effectiveness in relieving and preventing digestive disorders, cumin is highly recommended in cases of difficult digestion and abdominal pain. Cumin has antispasmodic effects that reduce painful contractions and properties that stimulate the production of intestinal enzymes and digestive proteins.

Therefore, you must consume spices and condiments wisely and use cumin for its many benefits in cases of digestive discomfort.

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