The Ministry of Habous and Islamic Affairs: Registration of 20 deaths of pilgrims in “natural circumstances”

The Ministry of Habous and Islamic Affairs announced, Friday, that there are no “abnormal” deaths among Moroccan pilgrims for the current Hajj season, adding that, until today, 20 deaths have been reported. recorded.

A press release from the ministry concerning “deaths among Moroccan pilgrims” specified that these cases were recorded both within the framework of the official organization and that of travel agencies, i.e. approximately the same number compared to the same period of last year’s Hajj season.

The same source added that, during the last twenty years, the number of deaths among Moroccan pilgrims each year was between 30 and 45 cases.

As for this year’s deaths, the press release confirms that they occurred in “natural circumstances”, recalling that 15% of Moroccan pilgrims this year are over eighty years old.

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