She was with her sister in a nightclub. A young girl was killed in a serious road accident in Marrakech.

Immediately after leaving a nightclub in the early morning of Saturday June 22, a young girl in her thirties was killed on Abdel Karim Al Khattabi Street in Marrakech.

Local sources said the deceased was with her sister at a nightclub and after they left, the elder sister was involved in a fatal road accident, after being hit by a light car, while her younger sister was slightly injured.

As soon as they learned of the accident, local authorities and security personnel rushed to the scene to transport the deceased body to the Marrakech morgue, and the injured person to the intensive care unit. due to the severity of his injury. At the same time, an investigation was opened to find out the circumstances and circumstances of this painful accident under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor’s office.

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