The Ministry of the Interior gives its instructions to ensure the smooth running of medicine and pharmacy exams

The Ministry of the Interior has given instructions to the local authorities of all prefectures and provinces concerned, in order to work, in coordination with the various security services and the deans of university establishments, to take all the necessary security measures to guarantee the organization of examinations planned in the faculties of medicine and pharmacy from June 26, 2024, under normal conditions.

According to a well-informed source, Mr. Laftit’s ministry insisted on the need to implement these measures to thwart any attempt to disrupt the progress of these exams or to sow trouble, and to confront any attempt at intimidation. students preparing to take their exams, in order to guarantee them normal exam conditions.

Furthermore, the government announced the latest developments concerning the file of students of faculties of medicine and pharmacy in Morocco.

At a press conference this Tuesday, government spokesperson Mustapha Baitas announced the dates of the exams, specifying that the spring session will begin on June 26 and that the remedial session will be held before the end of the month. of August, with the first semester make-up exams scheduled for next September.

It was also decided to make up for the hospital internship periods that were boycotted, to replace the zero grade with the grade obtained during the first semester’s remedial session, and to reexamine the sanctions in response to the initiative to pass exams.

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