OpenSignal Report: Maroc Telecom dominates the mobile experience in the Kingdom


According to a recent report published by OpenSignal, an expert in mobile data analysis, Maroc Telecom clearly stands out at the top of telecom operators in Morocco in terms of user experience.

This study highlights three key criteria in which Maroc Telecom excels: overall mobile experience, speed performance and connection stability.

Leader in mobile experience

The OpenSignal report highlights that Maroc Telecom dominates its competitors in terms of mobile experience. This includes the quality of video viewing, whether for streaming videos or videos downloaded in real time (Live video). In addition, the online gaming experience (Gaming) is also superior at Maroc Telecom, offering optimal performance that allows total immersion without notable interruptions or latencies. In terms of speeds, Maroc Telecom displays the best results, both in downloading (Download) and uploading (Upload), thus ensuring smooth and fast use of internet services.

First in “User Experience”

Maroc Telecom also stands out for its first-rate user experience, both in terms of speeds and network coverage. Maroc Telecom users benefit from extensive network coverage, which ensures stable and reliable connectivity, even in the most remote areas of the kingdom. Speed ​​performance is also a determining factor, allowing users to enjoy a fast connection speed, essential for efficient use of modern mobile services, ranging from high-quality streaming to fast web browsing.

Exemplary connection stability

When it comes to connection stability, Maroc Telecom once again comes out on top. Connection stability is a crucial criterion for a satisfactory user experience, especially in a context where more and more daily activities depend on a reliable internet connection. According to the OpenSignal report, Maroc Telecom offers the best performance in terms of stability, reducing interruptions and connection losses that can disrupt the user experience.

OpenSignal’s report confirms Maroc Telecom’s leadership position in Morocco’s telecommunications sector. With its exceptional performance in terms of mobile experience, speeds and connection stability, Maroc Telecom continues to stand out as the operator offering the best overall user experience. These results come following the Maroc Telecom group’s significant investments in network infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies, thus consolidating its leading position in the Moroccan telecommunications market.

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