The engineer, a fundamental pillar in the development of national strategies and the achievement of sustainable development (Mr. Akhannouch)

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The president of the National Rally of Independents (RNI), Aziz Akhannouch, affirmed, Saturday in Tangier, that the engineer is a fundamental pillar in the development of national development strategies and the achievement of progress and sustainable development.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the 2nd edition of the RNI engineers’ conference, which took place in the presence of the party’s leaders, its elected officials and its activists, as well as representatives of the European People’s Party (EPP) and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Mr. Akhannouch stressed that “the Moroccan engineer is one of the fundamental pillars of developmental transformation and the acceleration of progress and sustainable development.”

Mr. Akhannouch assured that the role of the engineer in supporting the profound transformations that Morocco is experiencing is manifested through the achievements made by the Kingdom in key sectors, such as renewable energies, digitalization, transport and industry, among others.

He noted that the organization of these meetings is part of the consolidation of the party’s openness to different skills and aims to highlight the contribution of engineers in the planning, implementation and evaluation of national strategies and plans in all vital sectors, noting that engineers play a key role in the management of local public affairs and the development of local policies that meet the expectations of society.

The president of the RNI further noted that the structuring of the RNI grants a wider margin to the engineer, like other vital professions, to strengthen his presence in elected bodies, so that he can engage in the revitalization of the economy and the implementation of projects having a direct and positive impact on society, within the framework of the wise policy of HM King Mohammed VI for the consolidation of the foundations of the social State.

He considered that achieving this goal “will only be possible with a broad commitment of Moroccan skills”, stressing that the engineers “were the first to achieve an exemplary and effective organizational transformation of the party, and to formulate its practical vision for the management of the affairs of the company in a horizontal and vertical manner”.

For his part, the President of the Corps of Engineers of the RNI, Ahmed Bouari, stressed that the role of the engineer is also manifested in his contribution to establishing the foundations of national sovereignty in vital areas, such as energy, industry, agriculture and other professions of the future, highlighting the role of engineers in planning, implementing and evaluating strategies to reduce regional disparities and achieve sustainable development.

In a statement to MAP, Mohamed Sadiki, member of the RNI political bureau, noted that the engineer, whatever his specialty, plays a practical and effective role in the effectiveness of the projects and programs set, emphasizing that these foundations are an opportunity to discuss strengthening the role of engineers in achieving integrated development, promoting the convergence of programs and projects, and their implementation at national and local levels.

This event was marked by the organization of two workshops dealing with “The contribution of the Moroccan engineer to strengthening the foundations of the social State” and “The Moroccan engineer, driving force of the Kingdom’s strategic projects”, which were an opportunity to highlight Morocco’s achievements in the social fields, the attraction of investments, the strengthening of infrastructure, job creation and the implementation of the development model.

It was also punctuated by the signing of a partnership agreement between the Corps of Engineers of the RNI and the National Federation of Elected Officials of the RNI, to strengthen organizational cooperation between the different partisan bodies, promote joint work in the different areas of the interest of the party, and enshrine the principles of the party in achieving local development and promoting the performance of elected councils, as well as winning the challenge of local democracy.

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