CAF “concerned” following search of South African Football Federation headquarters


The Confederation of African Football (CAF) expressed its concern on Saturday following the search carried out by the Serious Commercial Crime Unit (Hawks) at the headquarters of the South African Football Federation (SAFA).

In accordance with the statutes and regulations of CAF and FIFA, the Confederation of African Football has requested SAFA to provide it with a report indicating that it and its president have at no time and under no circumstances violated or infringed the statutes and regulations of CAF and FIFA, indicates the African Confederation in a press release published on its website.

CAF has also asked the South African Football Federation to provide it with any other information it considers important, the statement added. “While the allegations made by the Serious Commercial Crimes Investigation Unit are serious, in accordance with international legal principles and case law, SAFA and its President are presumed innocent until an appropriate judicial body finds the opposite,” according to the same source.

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