Casablanca.. Al-Bernussi security continues its investigations into the death of a widow in her forties after a night of promiscuity

Heba Press – Casablanca

Sidi Bernoussi is still circulating with great curiosity the news of the body of a woman found abandoned in front of one of the residential buildings in Casablanca, because the data circulating are contradictory pending the results of the ongoing security investigations.

According to private data, the body of a forty-year-old woman was found a few days ago by citizens who volunteered to inform the security authorities. It turned out that the person in question was with three people in an apartment on the third floor. of the same building in front of which a corpse was found lying.

According to the same data, the person in question, a widow whose husband died after an assault, lived a terrible night with three people, including two brothers, and one of them was arrested in his first statements. he denied his connection with the incident, stressing that the deceased committed suicide by throwing herself out of the window after an argument broke out between her and a third person who accompanied them.

Based on the same data, when security officers searched the house, they found blood stains, which increased the suspicions of investigators that it was a physical assault that resulted in death, before the body was thrown from the upper floor to cover up the appearance. Security personnel claimed that it was a suicide and not a murder, while the investigation continues and will reveal all the circumstances of the incident.

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