Accusations of sexual abuse in an Academy in Guinea Conakry: suspension of 05 supervisors including that of the EN


The Guinean Football Federation (FGF) has spoken out on the accusations of sexual abuse within the Nongo Academy and says it takes seriously the accusations of sexual abuse within the Academy it manages.

In a press release, the Guinean Football Federation emphasizes that it “wishes to inform the public of its position and the measures taken, following the recent allegations of sexual abuse at the Nongo Academy.

“We would like to reassure all stakeholders (FIFA, AFD, OPROGEM, Social Actions of the Conakry Governorate) that we take these accusations with the utmost seriousness and that immediate actions have been implemented to guarantee transparency and the safety of our athletes.”

Given the seriousness of the accusations, the FGF indicates that “The case is now in the hands of the Office for the Protection of Gender, Children and Morals (OPROGEM), which will conduct a thorough investigation to establish the facts and that while awaiting the results of this investigation, we have suspended five coaches as a preventive measure. We continue to develop the capacities of our football players in order to establish a safe and inclusive environment for all our young athletes.”

These accusations of sexual abuse concern residents of the Nongo Academy as part of “Championnes”, a sports emancipation programme for young girls, supported by FIFA and the French Development Agency (AFD).

Furthermore, the Guinean Football Federation (FGF) suspended five (05) supervisors including Sékouba Camara, the coach of the Syli national women’s U-20, his successor, Mariama Diallo among others.

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