Russia/presidential election: Putin is preparing to win a fifth term. He would then stay in the Kremlin at least until 2030


Russia, considered a dictatorship by the critics most opposed to Vladimir Putin, will organize, over three days, a presidential election which has all the characteristics of a front ballot. The result is therefore in no doubt: Vladimir Putin, who has led the country for 25 years, is preparing to win a fifth term. He would then stay in the Kremlin at least until 2030.

The only valid opposition figure, liberal politician Boris Nadejdine, saw his candidacy rejected. While Alexeï Navalny died in prison a month ago: an assassination according to his relatives, a natural death according to the authorities.

Applications for representation

Among the candidates for the presidential election are the communist Nikolai Kharitonov, 75, and the liberal Vladislav Davankov, 40. Both support the invasion of Ukraine. According to the Reuters News Agency, Nikolai Kharitonov and Vladislav Davankov could each obtain between 4% and 5% of the total votes.

Despite the fact that the Russian presidential vote presents all the characteristics of a rigged election, Konstantin Kalachev, political analyst and former Kremlin advisor, believes that it is an opportunity to recall the unity of the country behind its president.

“It is about showing that Putin, like a mirror, implements policies according to the demand of the population, thus demonstrating that the president and the Russian majority are a unified entity, to dispel the illusions of the West .”

While the result seems certain, it could prove difficult to persuade people to vote. On Thursday, Vladimir Putin asked Russians to show patriotism by going to the polls.

What will the participation rate be?

The goal is to achieve a participation rate of 80%. Even if it means mobilizing, according to independent media, public sector employees as well as their parents and friends.

Members of a local election commission, accompanied by military personnel, visit voters during early voting in the Russian presidential election in Donetsk, Russian-controlled Ukraine

Even though Putin’s only real opponent, Boris Nadezhdin, was not allowed to participate, it is possible that there will still be protest votes. The widow of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny called on her supporters to go to the polling stations on Sunday, March 17, at noon, in tribute to her late husband.

In 2018, during the last presidential election, Vladimir Putin obtained more than 76% of the votes. The participation rate was then 67%.

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