Booksellers call on Namousa to ban private schools from selling textbooks

The executive board of the Association of Booksellers in Morocco has called on the Ministry of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research to intervene to ban the sale of school textbooks by certain private schools in their educational spaces.

In a statement addressed to the public after an extraordinary meeting held to discuss textbook developments and prepare for the next school year, the association stressed the need to monitor the publication of textbook lists by private schools. This would ensure a transparent and smooth start to the school year, stressing the importance of defining the titles of books for science subjects, according to the levels of middle and high school in public education.

The Association of Booksellers in Morocco also stressed the importance of the intervention of directors of public educational establishments to prevent parents’ associations from selling school registration supplies.

In addition, the association called on local authorities to intervene to prevent the illegal sale of school supplies by street vendors and unauthorized stores.

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