Settat: Multidisciplinary medical campaign for the benefit of residents of the local Ain Ali Moumen prison

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The local Ain Ali Moumen prison in Settat organized a multidisciplinary medical campaign on Sunday for the benefit of its residents.

Organized in partnership with the General Delegation for Prison Administration and Reintegration (DGAPR), the provincial delegation of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection in Settat and the association “Les rangs d’honneur”, this initiative was provided specialized medical services for the benefit of residents of this penitentiary establishment, in addition to the distribution of medicines.

The operation mobilized more than 60 medical and paramedical executives specializing in particular in ophthalmology, traumatology, cardiology, dermatology, ENT, ultrasound, endocrinology, dentistry, psychological and mental health, gynecology and pediatrics.

In a statement to MAP, the director of the local Ain Ali Moumen prison, Hamid El-Khomri, affirmed that this campaign constitutes a laudable humanitarian initiative, particularly during Ramadan, month of repentance and forgiveness, and demonstrates solidarity towards this category from those responsible and social actors.

Mr. El-Khomri noted that this type of initiative contributes to opening up to the components of civil society and represents added value to promote the efforts made by the medical staff of the DGAPR, as well as by the medical staff and paramedic of the establishment and its managers and employees.

He indicated that this medical campaign will have a positive impact on the establishment and its residents by reducing consultation appointments with external hospitals in various specialties, welcoming, in this regard, the efforts made by all stakeholders to guarantee the success of this noble initiative.

“This medical campaign organized on the occasion of the month of Ramadan aims to provide medical services in various specialties, thus contributing significantly to improving the living conditions of detainees,” underlined, for his part, Dr Noureddine Bennani, founding president of the association “Les rangs d'honneur”, noting that the association is in its 178th medical campaign, organized in Morocco and abroad.

Hala Abou Chabaa, doctor at the Ain Ali Moumen penitentiary establishment, for her part, emphasized the importance of this initiative, given that it helps to lighten the burden on the medical staff of the prison. penitentiary establishment, and brings joy and satisfaction to the residents.

She also stressed that the DGAPR, in collaboration with other partners, ensured that this campaign took place under the best conditions.

In statements to MAP, residents of the establishment welcomed this laudable initiative, expressing their gratitude for this special attention which was given to them on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, as well as for the various medical services which they have benefited.

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