Casablanca: A person attacks a judge in his office at the judicial court. The why


Well-informed sources revealed to “HibaPress” that the Casablanca security services were listening to a person said to be the “president of an association” who, the day before yesterday, Monday, burst into the office of one of the investigating judges of the Casablanca judicial court and addressed him with dishonorable and insulting remarks because of a case that the investigating judge concerned was investigating for the president of the association

Our sources add that the attack by the attacker against the office of the investigating judge caused a state of chaos and that the said individual shouted and insulted the investigating judge, which precipitated the intervention of the King's Prosecutor and notified the police, who arrived immediately and took the attacker to the headquarters of the judicial police headquarters to discuss what he had committed.

It should be noted that the suspended president of the association had already been sentenced to ten months in prison after describing the judges as a “gang” in a video he posted on his Facebook account. He was also sentenced to five months in prison following his assault on a lawyer inside the courtroom during the same court hearing, in addition to his prior arrest following his insult to an employee with the rank of commander, dozens of suspended sentences related to fraud, forgery and defamation were also handed down against him. The person concerned is still the subject of proceedings for the offense of money laundering before the same court, proceedings which resulted in the loss of all his property, with the pronouncement of civil judgments against him.

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