“The opening ceremony of the Morocco 2023 World Cup” is crowned worldwide as the best opening ceremony of an international event


The opening ceremony of the Club World Cup, hosted by Morocco in 2023, was crowned the best ceremony during the activities of the HEAVENT AWARDS 2024, organized by the French city of Cannes.

The HEAVENT AWARDS organization had chosen the ceremony, organized by the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication, among the best nominated works, alongside other opening ceremonies of international sporting events, before head to the best ceremony.

This world title reflects the know-how of Moroccan creativity for the opening ceremony of an international event, but also shows Morocco's capacity to organize the largest international events in all fields.

The ceremony, organized at the Grand Stade de Tangier, dazzled observers from around the world, by presenting distinctive artistic performances which publicized the Heritage of the Kingdom of Morocco and highlighted the extent of its openness to the world.

The ceremony honored the legendary world explorer, Moroccan Ibn Battouta, for being a link between Cultures and Peoples, and for his contribution through his travels to the opening of Morocco to the World.

The Moroccan Heritage presentations also featured artistic paintings that reflect the richness and authenticity of Moroccan Heritage, as well as a tribute to the daughter of the legend Pelé and a special appearance by national coach Wali Regragui.

Morocco received the Prize for the best opening ceremony of an international event, during a ceremony organized in Cannes, France, in the presence of celebrities and international personalities in the field of organizing international events .

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