Water reserves in dams in the northern region exceed one billion cubic meters thanks to recent rainfall.

According to figures from the daily report of the General Directorate of Hydraulic Engineering, the water reserves of dams in the Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima region reached today, Tuesday, 1066.4 million cubic meters, i.e. an overall filling rate of 61.94% on a total capacity of 1721.7 million cubic meters.

Three dams in the Northern region have reached a complete filling rate (100%): the Cherif Al Idrissi dam, the El Wahda dam in the province of Tetouan and the Chefchaouen dam.

In addition, four other dams have a filling rate exceeding 80%, including the Oued El Makhazine dam, the largest in the region, with a filling rate approaching 90.9%, and the Ibn Battuta dam with 91.97%. , followed by the Smir dam with 89.64% and the Tangier-Mediterranean dam with 82.83%.

The precipitation also strengthened the water reserves of the Moulay Hassan Ben Mehdi dam, where the filling rate reached 67.47%, with a water reserve of 15.8 million cubic meters.

As for the four other remaining dams, their filling rate is less than 30%, notably the recently built Dar Khroufa dam, which has a filling rate of 29.35%, followed by the Neuf Avril dam with 25.40%, Mohammed Ben Abdelkrim El Khattabi dam with 24.87% and the Jama'a dam with 16.27%.

It should be noted that the total reserves in large dams in Morocco today reach 5067.02 million cubic meters, with a filling rate of approximately 31.43%.

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