Harassment of worshipers through begging and collecting donations has increased in Italian mosques

A number of people take advantage of fundraising under the guise of “public charity” to commit “deceptions and deceit”. Despite the good intentions of many, others pursue purely lucrative goals, exploiting human tragedies.

Fundraising operations are frequent, particularly during religious holidays, a model that we promote during the month of Ramadan, and networks emerge from time to time which exploit the goodwill, social solidarity and generosity of members of the community.
During the month of Ramadan, most imams of Islamic cultural centers located in Italy; Before the Tarawih prayer; Their greed reaches such extremes that they refer to themselves as distributors of “indulgence bills”. They exploit the comfort and patience of members of the Moroccan community who pray by subjecting them to the atmosphere of Ramadan by begging and blackmailing them under penalty of “forgiveness of sins” and providing for the meager financial income received by the imam and those in charge of the mosque… They only survive on what “the benefactors provide them. ” … etc. are expressions imbued with the scent of Quranic verses, deceive the hearts of the faithful and harm their generosity, thus disrupting the purity of faith and the space of prayer. And we are satisfied; what follows; By stating facts in this regard; Frequent in most Islamic centers in Italy and increasing during the last ten days of Ramadan:

After the call to evening prayer is over, the wait for prayer continues for more than half an hour, followed by reading the Quran for about ten minutes, then a voice begins to ring in the ears from the public: “Gentlemen, good deeds… ladies, good deeds…!” Soon there will be bags floating around for you, whether for men or women for goodness sake. And for those who cannot do it now, we point out to them that there are credit cards and boxes here inside the mosque prepared for this purpose. So hurry up and seek God’s forgiveness. This scene is repeated every evening in cultural centers in Italy, where a number of “sheikhs” seek in different ways to collect donations from the faithful, even if it embarrasses them, prompting some of them to assert that they will donate later because they did. did not carry their money bag with them or left the mosque early. For their part, certain Moroccan faithful interviewed by Heba Press, and who preferred not to reveal their identity, confirmed that the affair was akin to a sort of “public auction” and that, in certain mosques, it had even reached the point of declaring the identity of the donor and the value of what he gave out loud in loudspeakers in front of the public. Like what is known among familiar people in Morocco as “tabrah”, which usually takes place on special occasions and weddings in some countries. villages.

They confirmed that collecting donations has become a way for some people to enrich themselves, taking advantage of the generosity, generosity, kindness and desire of Moroccans in Italy, emphasizing that they give varying amounts. The speakers added that these practices cause harassment towards those who come to the houses of God, especially in the spiritual atmosphere of the holy month. They added that those observing these behaviors “found no one to stop them, reprimand those responsible and remind them of the expected consequences of breaking the law and unjust consumption of Muslim wealth.”

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