Anger in Alabama: Recent court ruling on assisted reproduction has left many women’s lives in limbo


A recent court ruling in the US state of Alabama on assisted reproduction has sparked much controversy and uncertainty across the United States, and has left many women’s lives in limbo, one experiencing the cancellation of a long-awaited embryo implantation and the other wondering when she will be able to retrieve her frozen eggs.

Today, legal action can be taken in cases of discarding abnormal or non-viable embryos, or in cases related to other procedures used by fertility clinics.

Many Alabama clinics announced they were suspending their programs following the court ruling, which follows the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2022 overturning of a law guaranteeing access to abortion throughout the United States.

“Human life cannot be unjustly destroyed without incurring the wrath of God, who considers the destruction of his image an affront to himself,” wrote Chief Justice Tom Parker in a text including numerous religious quotes.

Experts stressed at the time that they feared any decision that could affect assisted reproduction, including IVF, if the state decided to consider embryos as people to justify banning IVF.

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