Algerian party president criticizes Tebboune’s policies, says: ‘Our country needs radical change

Jilali Sefiane, president of Algeria’s New Generation party, criticized the policies of President Abdelmadjid Tebboune, calling on him not to run for a second presidential term.
Jilali Sefiane said in an interview: “The last time I saw President Tebboune was in May 2022, so I have no recent information. However, in his last television appearance, he seemed determined to stay in power.”

He added: “According to a report from the Algerian Press Agency, he seems determined to achieve what remains of his program. This is where the real debate must begin. Will Algeria be better off with this policy? In my opinion, our country needs a radical change in ideas.”
Jilali Sefiane stressed the need to firmly move away from the spirit of benefit sharing, adding: “We have to make the country work. The political and administrative structure is rigid, so we need deep reforms which are also necessary for the country to remain relatively stable at the moment.”

The same speaker criticized Tebboune’s policies, saying: “Go back to the 1970s, believing that the walis (governors) will bring about development, and that strong administration will eliminate corruption, and that the silence of political parties and the media will allow to mobilize Algerians in favor of power, is an illusion. The same reasons lead to the same results.”

He went on to say: “The enormous powers held by the administration in the economy will only lead to market tension, shortage of goods, speculation, corruption, exploitation, flight capital, and general dispersal,” adding, “The economy cannot be stimulated solely by inspection campaigns against traders, or criminal sanctions against speculators, or by requiring approvals and exceptions for any activity commercial or investment”.

Jilali Sefiane added: “The money is frozen today, and it is largely transferred abroad. Our banks are still archaic, and foreign currency is bought in the streets under the awnings of the Algiers court… New generations are fleeing the country and no serious elite has been formed. Mediocrity reigns. What kind of Algeria are we going to build this way? “.

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