Google Chrome launches a paid version of its browser


The Google Chrome browser now offers a paid version intended for businesses: Chrome Enterprise Premium.

This new version aims to strengthen the online security of professionals by offering data protection and combating computer threats features.

Chrome Enterprise Premium thus offers advanced data protection and fight against IT threats features, which meet the needs of businesses with stricter security requirements.

Features include data loss prevention (DLP) and deep malware scanning. These tools allow IT services to better control the circulation of sensitive information and to more effectively detect intrusion attempts.

Chrome Enterprise Premium doesn’t just offer additional features. It also comes with centralized management of Chrome browsers deployed on company machines. This allows IT administrators to configure automatic updates to ensure continued protection against recent vulnerabilities.

They also have the ability to define specific permissions per website, for example limiting mouse and keyboard access for certain sites. This centralized management helps increase efficiency and ensures that all of the company’s browsers comply with security protocols.

Chrome Enterprise Premium is priced at $6 per user per month.

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