France expels Algerian imam accused of inciting hatred of Jews

Algerian imam Mohammed Tatiyat, who preached at a mosque in Toulouse, southern France, was deported to his country after being accused of inciting hatred and violence against Jews, authorities said .
The French Minister of the Interior, Gérard Darmanin, declared in a message on the “Twitter” platform that “the immigration law has once again allowed the expulsion of an imam in Toulouse, convicted by the courts for incitement to hatred, to his country in less than 24 hours.”

One of Tatiyat’s lawyers deplored the expulsion, calling the event a “harsh military intervention.” Jean Igleisis said: “It wasn’t urgent, he’s been in France for 40 years, he has children, he works here and he hasn’t caused a problem for seven years, and now here he is on a plane to destination of Algeria.

A hearing was to be held on Monday to examine an emergency request from the imam’s lawyer regarding the expulsion decision before the Paris administrative court, according to the lawyer.

Igleisis said “what is happening is somewhat concerning…It is a challenge to the principles of the defense and judicial authority,” noting that he had been unable to communicate with his client while he was in deportation course at Toulouse airport.

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