Rabat International Marathon: The Rahal Group of “old people”, over 80 years old, a real example for today’s young people


They are over 80 years old and continually participate in all current competitions where they are organized without ever hesitating or taking a step back, always in the right place

The Rahal Group of “old people” wants to establish a policy of wisdom for our young generation by sending them a serious message calling on them to better manage their daily lives in order to maintain the best possible health, adequate resistance and permanent breathing.

The Rahal Group of “old people”, today through the Rabat International Marathon wants to give a real lesson to our young people and demonstrate to them that it is forever available, having finished their race without in any way allying themselves with cheating like hundreds of young people have done it who have shortened their journey through certain other paths

The Rahal Group of “old people” deserves attention and can be a real example to follow

Hello our “oldies” and good luck

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