Intellectual property will support all aspects of life in Morocco, including Zellij (DG of WIPO)

Geneva: Intellectual property will support all aspects of life in Morocco including Zellij, both in cities and in rural areas, underlined, the Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Daren Tang .
“The project that we carried out in 2016 in Morocco on your famous Zellij, as well as the numerous projects that we are currently carrying out, will have a complete and holistic approach to intellectual property,” Mr. Tang declared to MAP, at the end of a meeting with the Minister of Youth, Culture and Communication, Mohamed Mehdi Bensaid.
“As the first CEO from Asia, I come from a region of the world where many cultures are proud of their heritage and contributions over the centuries. Morocco is also a country with a long history,” he noted, noting that intellectual property, often perceived as only being relevant in the industrial context, “can also be relevant in a heritage aspect.

The discussions also focused on the “incredible” heritage of Morocco, the creation of the new Morocco Label and how “we can support it thanks to our expertise in supporting the heritage of countries and their legacies, and combining it with branding, marketing and packaging,” said the WIPO Director General.

Morocco and the World Intellectual Property Organization are also working on a project with the city of Essaouira on ways to make its traditional products known to the whole world, Mr. Tang continued, insisting that intellectual property t is not only a question of legacy, but also a question of the future.

“I therefore had the pleasure of speaking with the minister about the future agenda between WIPO and Morocco, and in particular the possibility of supporting new legislation with Morocco which pushes the limits in terms of copyright and related rights,” he said.
Among the topics discussed are Artificial Intelligence and how it can be a catalyst for supporting Moroccan industry and Moroccan startups, and ensuring that intellectual property is a means of creating jobs for young Moroccans and to support Moroccan businesses, continued the Director General of WIPO.

The meeting with Mr. Tang was also an opportunity to highlight the efforts that Morocco continues to make in order to further protect its intangible heritage and its age-old know-how, which is very important in the eyes of Moroccans in order to make them last, affirmed, for his part, Mr. Bensaid, recalling that this know-how also has an economic importance by supporting thousands of mâallems across the Kingdom, hence the importance of protecting and promoting them both at the level national and international.
And the minister added that the marketing of its know-how through the work provided by several ministerial departments interests several countries, warning against the desire to appropriate Moroccan heritage by several companies, or even certain States.

This protection today, noted the Minister, is more than necessary hence the work provided for more than two years by the Ministry of Culture in partnership with the Ministries of Crafts and Agriculture in particular to submit a maximum elements and the creation of the Morocco Label intended for the protection of Moroccan heritage beyond borders.
In the eyes of Mr. Bensaid, if UNESCO recognizes intangible heritage at the international level, WIPO constitutes an opportunity for Morocco to legally protect the elements of its intangible heritage from attacks, both private and those coming from other States.

“The director of WIPO and UNESCO are aware that it is necessary today, especially since it is also part of the Moroccan strategy of promoting cultural and creative industries,” concluded the minister.
The meeting took place in the presence of officials from the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication and the Kingdom’s permanent delegation in Geneva.

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