Nizar Baraka: “the involvement of everyone is a necessity. The water saved today will be our water tomorrow”


Last January, HM King Mohammed VI invited the government to establish transparent and regular communication with citizens on developments in the water situation and on the plan of emergency measures that will be implemented, while strengthening raising awareness among the general public about saving water and the fight against all forms of waste or irresponsible use of this vital material.

By raising public awareness, the Ministry of Equipment and Water aims to promote more responsible behavior in terms of consumption and preservation of this precious resource. As Nizar Baraka pointed out, “the involvement of all is a necessity, informing and encouraging citizens on ways to change their behavior in water consumption is a collective mission. The water saved today will be our water tomorrow.”

Indeed, the Ministry of Equipment and Water has launched an awareness campaign aimed at enlightening public opinion on this vital subject, using modern and accessible means, namely videos and social networks, aspiring to raise collective awareness of the vital importance of water and the challenges linked to its sustainable management. It also aims to inform citizens of the repercussions of water stress not only on the environment, but also on the economy and everyone’s daily lives.

The Kingdom of Morocco, like many countries in the Mediterranean region, suffers from a semi-arid climate and climatic fluctuations which accentuate water scarcity. In addition, the country must face an increasing demand for water, resulting from population growth and economic development. Overexploitation of groundwater and pollution of rivers and groundwater further complicate the management of this vital resource.

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