Obey and play against a jersey displaying the map of Morocco or withdraw… What will the Algerian “Capraniats” decide?

The Competitions Commission of the Confederation of African Football ruled in favor of the Moroccan team Renaissance de Berkane after the withdrawal of its Algerian opponent and the political incidents which accompanied the match, with the confiscation by the military authorities of the jerseys of the Moroccan representative at the airport and the ban on players entering the field to warm up before the match.

CAF declared the defeat of the Algiers Medina Sports Union by three goals to zero, with the return match scheduled in Morocco next Sunday. We are all waiting for the decision of the Algiers Medina Sports Union, or more precisely of the Algerian Football Federation. In other words, we are awaiting the decision of the Algerian “Capraniats”, led by Chengriha and Tebboune.

Will they submit, bow down and play the return match against a team whose sports jersey sports the complete map of Morocco on its chest, from the north of the country to the furthest point of the expensive Moroccan Sahara? to hearts, or will they cling to their “strange” political position in a football match and decide to withdraw as usual in the first leg, thus embarrassing the country and exposing the Union and local clubs to severe sanctions which could plunge Algerian football into a crisis from which it may not recover for decades? See you on Sunday evening in the heart of the Berkane municipal stadium, and we are all behind the representative of Moroccan football. May God be with whoever makes the “Algerian” decision as long as both parties are concerned…

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