Cuba threatens Algerian army to pay $450 million or expel Polisario students and recruits

Cuba has opened a page that the regime’s leaders have long tried to hide from the Algerian people, who now know where the oil and gas revenues go after having been exhausted by a handful of mercenaries for more than four decades.

On this occasion, Cuba threatened Algeria for the third time, to expel the delegation of students and recruits of the Polisario who were trained in Cuba under the direction of the Havana administration, due to the non- payment by the Algerian military regime of contributions due, estimated at $450 million.
The Brazilian journalist and political activist, Abdelrazak Nasib, revealed that this was the amount of accumulated invoices linked to the training operations benefited by the Polisario delegations sent by the Algerian military regime to Cuba, this threat signaling a political crisis between Algeria and the communist country of South America. »

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