Morocco prepares to hand over gang leader “Le Chat” to France

Moroccan authorities are preparing to hand over one of the gang leaders nicknamed “Le Chat” to his French counterpart.
According to French media reports, Félix Bangi, arrested last March in Casablanca for his involvement in what is known as the Yoda affair, where he is accused of being the mastermind of a major drug trafficking network in Marseille, awaits extradition to French territory.

In this regard, the lawyer in charge of the case, Philippe Ouhayoun, declared that “the accused currently in Morocco was heard by the Court of Cassation in Rabat on charges of drug trafficking and money laundering.”

The lawyer added that “his client intends to appear before French justice as soon as possible to defend himself, and it is expected that this procedure will be approved in the next week by the Moroccan judicial authorities, but the process of extradition could take several months.

Charges of “organized drug trafficking, possession and transportation of drugs, formation of a criminal gang, money laundering and failure to provide proof of resources” were brought against the person concerned.

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