Gharib: The Algerian consulate in Bilbao reflects the successes of its Moroccan counterpart

Heba Press_Yasir Al-Ihya’i

The thefts perpetrated by the Algerian regime were not limited to Moroccan wealth alone, but today they go beyond another type of theft that we would not have tackled without our jealousy for the homeland and our habit of do strange things. which express Algerian rage towards everything Moroccan.

As part of the above and as part of the initiatives carried out by the Consulate General of Morocco in Bilbao through the organization of mobile consulates, this Consulate General had a meeting on April 26 and 27 with the Moroccans of Galicia and Asturias, where he was able to complete a number of files outside the country. Its official headquarters was well received by all, and of course after a major promotional campaign which preceded the indicated date so that all immigrants residing in the consular service concerned could come and accomplish their administrative objectives.
But what is striking is that the Algerian consulate hastened to organize a similar consulate for the same region and on the same date to counter the success of the Moroccan consulate, knowing that the days of the year are not not less than 365 days, or 366 in certain cases, considering a simple or leap year, the military regime was thus able to organize its mobile consulate, a spatial difference compared to what the Moroccan consulate did.

The repercussions of the opposition to the initiative of the Consulate General of Bilbao aroused great ridicule from the Spanish authorities in the region, as well as from members of the Moroccan community who believed in His Majesty in his famous appeal: “ Oh my God, increase our desire.

We would not be surprised if one day the Cabranate regime claimed that the sun and the moon belonged to it alone, after having been given the caftan, the zellij and the couscous, and that its only illness became what we calls upon the honorable kingdom of Morocco, which is growing in prestige and status among nations at a time when the Algerian military regime is collapsing with doses of wisdom and insight at all levels.

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