Emirates Airlines opens up to Moroccan skills in largest recruitment campaign

Many global companies now rely on Moroccan skills and experience, recognized internationally for their professionalism, competence and excellence, by integrating them into major recruitment campaigns.

In this context, Emirates Airlines has launched a vast recruitment campaign, allocating a significant part of it to attract Moroccan skills, particularly in the field of technology and communication systems.

According to the announcement from the leading Emirati group in the field of aviation, job offers have been launched in various fields, open to all nationalities around the world, particularly highlighting Moroccan skills.

At the same time, several official recruitment sites have published many job opportunities regarding Emirates Airlines. These are not just flight attendant positions, but also engineers, IT experts and specialists in the fields of technology, communications and leadership.

The UAE airline presented the available positions with salaries offered, deemed acceptable and respectable, which aroused great interest among job seekers on the said sites.

It should be noted that most Arab airlines now choose Moroccan skills, especially those with direct contact with customers, due to their qualifications, including their mastery of several foreign languages, as well as their professionalism, commitment and their high qualifications.

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