Al-Bayda: A criminal gang terrorizes a “faqih” in front of his son and steals his money under threat

A criminal gang intercepted “Faqih and his son” at dawn on May 3, in the Moulay Abdallah district near the sunbathing area in the Ain Chock district of the city of Casablanca, as he was heading towards the Koran . books found in the neighborhood, to teach his son and the neighborhood residents, before being surprised by gang members who block his way.

The lawyer, according to a videotape, was subjected to the most horrific intimidation by the gang members. What is dangerous is that this happened in front of his son, after the gang members, originally from Karyan, Judge Ibn Idris, placed iron clamps on him. to his ears, to force him to give up his money, and strangled him in front of his son. A terrible sight of the gang, searched and robbed of their possessions.

The incident, news of which reached most neighborhoods of Ain al-Shaq, and residents reacted with anger, demanded that security authorities accelerate the arrest of the criminal gang and bring them to justice.

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