Marrakech: a virus from spoiled eggs causing collective food poisoning

Investigations by security authorities in Marrakech have revealed the causes of the deaths of five people from food poisoning after consuming fast meals at a snack bar in the Mahamid district of the Red City last week.

Analyzes carried out on samples of the dishes served by the said establishment revealed that the food poisoning, which affected 28 people, was due to a virus resulting from eggs used in the snack dishes.

Investigations followed the threads of the case, confirming that the owner of the snack bar, currently in detention, was buying eggs from a horse-drawn cart in the Mahamid neighborhood, before discovering that the wholesaler who sold these eggs was buying from a farm on the outskirts of Marrakech.

The investigation also revealed that the owner of the snack bar concerned had no permit to carry out his activity and only worked in the evening, thus avoiding the checks usually carried out during the day.

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