Morocco-China: Examination of cooperation in the management of the prison system and reintegration


Cooperation in the management of the prison system and reintegration was at the center of discussions, Thursday in Rabat, between the Secretary General of the General Delegation for Prison Administration and Reintegration (DGAPR), Younes Jabrane, and the Chinese Vice Minister of Justice, Zhao Changhuan.

In a statement to the press, the director of social and cultural action within the DGAPR, Moulay Idriss Agoulmame, stressed that the objective of the visit of the Chinese delegation is the sharing and exchange of good practices in regarding the conditions of detention of prisoners, adding that it also constitutes an opportunity for the Chinese delegation to learn about prison management carried out by the DGAPR as well as rehabilitation and reintegration actions.

During its stay in Morocco, the Chinese delegation will visit the local prison of Tamesna to learn about the progress made in terms of security management as well as food and health of prisoners and their preparation for reintegration.

This field visit is part of the international cooperation dynamic of the DGAPR to publicize its strategy aimed at promoting incarceration conditions and the rehabilitation of prisoners and, in turn, improving the level of management. prison.

During these talks, the two parties discussed several topics of common interest, including the prison management system and sentence commutation systems for prisoners.

The two officials also discussed the main practices in education and rehabilitation in penitentiary establishments, as well as the efforts made in the areas of prevention and the fight against recidivism.

Security measures, management methods and work carried out in prisons were also on the agenda of these interviews, in addition to experiences in preventing escapes and attacks within penitentiaries.

Led by the Chinese Vice Minister of Justice, the Chinese delegation is composed of senior officials within the Chinese Ministry of Justice, including the head of the Bureau of Corrections, the Director General of the Bureau of Community Corrections , the deputy director general of the information center and the deputy director of the international cooperation office.

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