Unforgettable! He scored 04 goals in a single match in the 66 World Cup: the legend “Eusébio”

HIBAPRESS-RABAT-FIFA Portugal – DPR Korea | Quarter-finals | 1966 FIFA World Cup England™ | Video summary Watch highlights of the Portugal – Korea DPR match played at Goodison Park, Liverpool on Saturday July 23, 1966. The FIFA Day flashback takes us back to England, in 1966, where the Portuguese Eusébio wrote his legend. Portugal 5-3 Korea DPR

England 1966 | Quarter-finals Stadium : Goodison Park, Liverpool Crowd : 40,248 spectators Scorers : Eusébio (27′, 43′ sp, 56′, 59′ sp) and Winter (76′) for Portugal; Pak Seung-zin (1′), Li Dong-woon (22′) and Yang Seung-kook (25′) for Korea DPR.

The essays: Portugal

José Pereira – Morais, Alexandre Baptista, Vicente – Hilário, Jaime Graça – Mário Coluna, José Augusto, Eusébio, José Torres, António Simões. Selector : Otto Gloria

DPR Korea

Li Chan-myung – Lim Zoong-sun, Shin Yung-kyoo, Ha Jung-won – Oh Yoon-kyung, Pak Seung-zin – Im Seung-hwi, Han Bong-zin, Pak Doo-ik, Li Dong-woon, Yang Seung-kook.

Selector : Myung Rye-hyun

The context

While participating in the first World Cup in its history, Portugal established itself on the world stage in a dazzling manner in 1966. In the group stage, notably beating Hungary (3-1), medalist of gold at the 1964 Olympic Games, and the Brazilian title holder (3-1), the Portuguese entered the knockout phase with a 100% winning record (they also won 3-0 against the Bulgaria). Coach Otto Glória’s team then had one of the greatest players on the planet in Eusébio and was considered a potential title candidate.

Portugal – Brazil | 1966 FIFA World Cup England™ | Matches the classics Watch highlights from the best matches in FIFA World Cup™ history. Korea DPR also made its debut on the world stage. Beaten by the Soviet Union in their first match (3-0), they made up for it in the process by scoring a good 1-1 draw against Chile. Having to win against Italy to have a chance of qualifying for the knockout phase, the North Koreans then produced a historic performance which triggered a real shock wave in the tournament. Pak Doo-ik indeed scored the only goal of the match for the Asian camp, propelling his selection into the quarter-finals to the detriment of the Azzurri. DPR Korea – Italy | Group stages | 1966 FIFA World Cup England™ | Video summary Watch highlights of the match between Korea DPR and Italy played at Ayresome Park, Middlesbrough on 19/07/1966 at 9pm.Face-to-face before this match

This meeting was the first confrontation between the two selections.

The game

After creating one of the biggest surprises in the history of the World Cup against Italy, Korea DPR seemed well on their way to achieving another resounding victory since in the quarter-final against Portugal, they already led 3 -0 after 25 minutes. Portugal was on the ropes, but it had a genius in its ranks: Eusébio. The Lusitanian star quickly reduced the gap with a precise strike, before scoring a penalty just before half-time.

At Goodison Park in Liverpool, the Eusébio show was only just beginning. The Portuguese scored a triple, admiring his shooting precision, before obtaining a penalty at the end of an electrifying race which he himself transformed. Thanks to their talisman, Portugal then took control of the party to everyone’s surprise, and José Augusto’s close-range header sealed the result ten minutes from time. Portugal came back from hell and the great Eusébio confirmed its legendary status.


“I think every player has a special moment in their career. For me, scoring four goals in that match was a special moment. I remember very well what (my teammate) António Simões said when we were 3-0 down: ‘As long as we’re not four goals behind, we still have a chance.’ And he was right. » Eusébio, Portugal striker

“We don’t like to defend. Offense is our best defense. We don’t know how to play defensively. » Otto Glória, Portugal coach

“What Eusébio achieved is one of the best individual performances there is. » Bobby Charlton


Eusébio scored nine goals in England 1966 and won the Golden Boot. This total in the same edition of the FIFA World Cup has only been exceeded by three players: Just Fontaine (13 goals at Sweden 1958), Sándor Kocsis (11 goals at Switzerland 1954) and Gerd Müller (10 goals at Mexico 1970).

*Portugal ended up finishing third in the 1966 World Cup, which remains their best performance in the competition. After losing against England in the semi-final (2-1), the Lusitanians got the better of the Soviet Union in the match for third place (2-1). Good to know

Korea DPR’s stunning victory over Italy in Middlesbrough captured the hearts of many of the city’s fans, so much so that around 3,000 of them traveled to Liverpool to cheer on Korea DPR during their quarter-final against Portugal.

Eusébio’s popularity skyrocketed in England following the World Cup and a wax sculpture representing the Portuguese star was added to the collection of the Madame Tussauds museum in London.

Pak Doo-ik, Korea DPR’s scorer against Italy, later became his country’s coach. He also carried the Olympic flame during his visit to Pyongyang before the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Korea DPR have played in the World Cup twice and, each time, they crossed paths with Portugal. In addition to their meeting in 1966, the two teams faced each other during the group stage of South Africa 2010 and Portugal largely won (7-0).

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