3rd meeting of the National Council for Financial Inclusion: Steering of governance bodies


The National Financial Inclusion Council (CNIF) ensures periodic monitoring of the progress of the National Financial Inclusion Strategy in order to guarantee implementation while ensuring coordination and consistency with sectoral policies.

Management of governance bodies

The 3rd meeting of the CNIF concluded with the adoption of the following orientations:
• Promote mobile payment through the acceleration of the dematerialization of State-User flows and take advantage of the generalization of social protection in particular;
• Reframe the objectives of the “Microfinance” lever taking into account support instruments
mobilized by the authorities;
• Accelerate the implementation of the “Banking Offers” lever roadmap by pooling
the actions of the banking sector in favor of financial inclusion, in particular, for
people with specific needs and rural areas;
• Establish a visual identity for the SNIF and accelerate the implementation of the SNIF web portal,
and this as part of the work relating to the implementation of a communication strategy;
• Plan the organization of the first high-level strategy event.

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