A mobile consulate serving Moroccans in Reggio Emilia in Italy

Abdel Latif El-Baz – Heba Press
In application of royal directives aimed at improving the quality of consular services for the benefit of Moroccans around the world, the Moroccan Consulate in Bologna organized a mobile consulate in the Reggio Emilia region.

High-level diplomatic sources explained to Heba Press: “Several consular services were provided to members of the Moroccan community residing in the region, known for the presence of a large number of Moroccans, with the Reggio Emilia region being the region of Italy. in terms of population density of legally and officially residing Moroccan immigrants.

The same sources add: “This mobile consulate, the first of its kind in this city after years of lean times, was an opportunity to make several consular services available to members of the Moroccan community residing in this region, thus saving them the hassle of suffering and transportation costs. at the consulate headquarters in Bologna.

The same sources indicated that this mobile consulate is part of the proximity policy carried out by the Moroccan Consulate in Poland for the benefit of the Moroccan community, in accordance with the instructions of King Mohammed VI and the directives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. .

“This process, during which official documents such as the passport and the national identity card were issued and legal and judicial consultations were ensured, was welcomed and widely welcomed by all members of the Moroccan community, who expressed their immense joy and great appreciation for this operation. initiative, which saved them the trouble of going to Bologna and benefiting from it.” Among these different consular services, this period coincides with the weekend and Operation Hello 2024, which is characterized by the desire of a large number of Moroccans to spend a vacation. these summer vacations in the homeland.

Due to the success of this operation and the good response it left, “this Consulate General is currently working, as part of its annual work plan, to program new mobile consulates in other regions in the near future, with the aim of dedicating service to the Moroccan community in their premises, as well as allocating one of the end-of-life days to organize open house events within the Consulate General of Bologna.

“This traveling consulate was an opportunity for the Consul General, Khadija Nadour, to communicate with a group of leaders and representatives of the Moroccan collective fabric of this region, working in various fields (religious, sporting, educational and social), as plans this meeting. was an opportunity to exchange ideas and identify the most important concerns of the Moroccan community in the Reggio Emilia region.

In this context, the Consul General highly appreciated “the heroic positions of the Moroccan community, which spares no effort to defend the national cause”, noting “the important role that it continues to play in the service of the cause of the Moroccan Sahara , and in a resolutely resolute approach.” confront adversaries and enemies of our territorial integrity.

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