Justice sentences Anas El Yamlahi to ten months in prison and a fine.

The court of first instance of Tetouan sentenced, Monday afternoon, Anas El Yamlahi to a ten-month prison sentence and a fine of 5,000 dirhams in the context of the mediation case involving the vice-president of the urban commune, who is also a professor at Abdelmalek Essaâdi University.

The details of this affair date back several years, when the latter held the position of advisor to a minister. He then made his victims believe that he could intervene for recruitment in exchange for large sums of money, without ever succeeding. After several months or years, these victims realized that they had been victims of a scam, especially since their attempts to recover the money through friendly means had failed. Some of them therefore decided to take the case to court, providing evidence in the form of telephone calls and conversations via the WhatsApp application, which were used by the courts to prove Anas’ involvement El Yamlahi and thus send him to court.

The Party of the Rose at the regional level held a meeting after the outbreak of this scandal which affects the party and its activists. He had forced Anas El Yamlahi to suspend his membership and take responsibility for his actions which only concern himself and have no link with the party, according to our sources.

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