Collapse of a building construction workshop in Tangier… Continuing efforts to find the caretaker believed to be under the rubble.

Local authorities and Civil Protection rescue teams are continuing their efforts until this writing to reach a guard believed to be under the rubble of the collapsed building.

According to statements by the guard’s relatives to Hiba Press, contact with him was lost last night, despite repeated attempts to find out his location, which reinforces the possibility of his presence under the rubble of the collapsed building in the region of ‘Errahra in Tangier.

The guard’s relatives called, in statements to the press, on the authorities to intensify efforts to clear the rubble in order to know the fate of the guard, who was probably killed when the workshop under construction collapsed.

The collapse of the construction workshop of a building mobilized local authorities as well as Civil Protection teams, who rushed to the scene late yesterday night, starting the search for injured people, only to discover subsequently the disappearance of the guard responsible for monitoring the workshop.

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