Wafaa Al-Zahi leads mobile consulate and eases burden for Moroccans in Treviso, Italy

Abdel Latif El-Baz – Keeping up with the rhythm

As part of the implementation of its program aimed at bringing administrative services closer together and keeping pace with Moroccan immigrants and all their aspirations, the Moroccan Consulate in Verona, in cooperation with the Hilal Association, established this morning a mobile consulate in the city of Treviso, for the benefit of Moroccans living in Treviso and its surroundings.

This initiative aims to bring the administration closer to immigrant citizens, and allow them to benefit from a wide range of administrative services linked to consular registration, to submit requests to obtain or withdraw a biometric passport or an electronic national identity card and to submit applications for registration in civil status.

This initiative represented an opportunity to meet and build bridges of communication between the administrative staff of the Consulate and members of the Moroccan community residing in Treviso and the suburbs.

The consulate mobilized a large team of around twenty employees who ensured, over continuous hours, the provision of the required services for the benefit of members of the community, in light of the mobilization of executives from the collective fabric at the organizational level. .

Wafa Al-Zahi, Consul General of the Kingdom of Morocco in Verona, declared in an exclusive interview with Hiba Press: “This process is part of the effective implementation of the royal directives aimed at bringing the administration closer to the resident Moroccan community. abroad, and in response to the desire of Moroccan citizens residing in Treviso and the surrounding area, particularly after the success of previous initiatives, within the framework of professional duty, which requires improving the quality of administrative services provided to members of the community. , listening to their problems, looking for possible solutions and strengthening their ties with their country of origin.

The spokesperson added that “this operation was organized on Saturday to avoid the absence of members of the working community and to spare them the costs and expenses of transport to the headquarters of the consulate during the week”, stressing that “the “The consulate is available to the Moroccan community to organize similar initiatives in other cities, provided that the basic conditions for its success are met.”

Abdullah Khazraji, president of the Hilal association, said: “We have acquired a lot of experience which allowed us to process this enormous quantity of requests in less than five hours, because this consulate took place in very good conditions” , adding that “the association Its role is to provide the means. “The logistics of this mobile consulate constitute a link between the community and the Moroccan consulate and extend a helping hand to the entire community, particularly to that of Treviso and its surroundings. »

The same spokesperson stressed that “the mobile consulate is a unique experience organized by the association, which has experienced great demand and a strong increase, in addition to the fact that this operation is part of the association’s options aimed at to help provide distinguished services. services to the Moroccan community and represent Morocco in the best possible way.

According to the commission overseeing this process, more than 1,100 requests were processed, distributed among consular services such as passport renewal, national identity card renewal, civil status registration, judicial documents and other requests related to certain administrative documents. This initiative was welcomed by the beneficiaries, particularly those who wish to spend Eid Al-Adha with their families in the country.

It should be noted that the organization of this movement is part of a vast program that the Consulate of Verona intends to implement on the ground, by organizing other movements, notably before the “Marhaba” operation, to facilitate the Obtaining the administrative and consular documents necessary for members of the Moroccan community.

It should be noted that, alongside the presence of the mobile consulate in the city of Treviso, the Consul General met with local officials, where discussions between the two parties focused on the importance of the positive role played by the Moroccan community residing in the city of Treviso. province of Treviso at all levels, including economic, social and political.

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