10th World Water Forum: Texas University, “Climate-Water-Energy-Food_Ecology a system of systems”


As part of Morocco’s dynamic and active participation in the activities of the 10th World Water Forum, Mr. Nizar Baraka, Minister of Equipment and Water, took part today in the High Level Panel “Climate-Water-Energy-Food_Ecology a system of systems”.

The work of this high-level event was dedicated to one of the most crucial themes today, namely the systemic approach to water management which exploits the synergies between water and associated policies, taking into account of the current climatic context. Indeed, water, energy and food security, supported by healthy ecosystems, have become more essential than ever to long-term sustainable economic growth and human well-being.

Speaking in this high-level panel, Mr. Nizar Baraka stressed that the efficient management of water, as a vital resource, is essential to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). However, the lack of policy coherence between the water, food, energy and environment sectors, especially in the current climate context, creates significant obstacles in achieving these SDGs. The consequences of this inconsistency can lead to:

Discrepancies in water resources development programs and projects because of the failure to consider continuously changing climatic parameters, causing extreme phenomena of flooding and drought; Impacts on water management manifested by the waste of water resources, the overexploitation of groundwater and the pollution of water sources. Impacts on food security. Agriculture and water are strongly linked. However, when water and irrigated agriculture policies are not synchronized, inefficient water use and land degradation occur, which can worsen food insecurity, especially in vulnerable regions; Energy challenges : Policies for the development of water resources, irrigation and especially renewable energy must be in phase, taking into account their short, medium and long term programs and projects; Environmental impacts. Especially when water, food and energy policies do not go hand in hand, the effects and impacts of their projects can sometimes be irreversible, leading to environmental disruption.

The Minister of Equipment and Water did not fail to emphasize that it is imperative to become collectively aware of the crucial importance of water in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and in promoting sustainability through the Climate – Water – Energy – Food – Ecology Nexus. And added: “Taking into account the challenges imposed by the worsening of climate change, it is important to ensure synergy in the development of policies of the various components of this Nexus.”

In addition, Mr. Nizar Baraka explained that countries facing significant water challenges like Morocco, this approach becomes all the more essential. He thus called for a union of efforts to coordinate actions between different sectors and implement integrated policies favoring sustainable water management, resilient agriculture in the face of climate change, and increasingly more energy production. clean, and equitable access to drinking water for all citizens to ensure sustainable development of populations.

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