The Moroccan Consulate in Utrecht…opens the doors to simplify procedures

Tariq Abla_Heba Press

The Consulate of the Kingdom of Morocco in Utrecht organized open days for the benefit of the Moroccan community residing in its territorial jurisdiction, with the aim of providing all consular services such as consular registration, renewal of passports and national travel cards. identity, preparation of civil status documents. and forensic documents and authenticating signatures, without forgetting the granting of administrative certificates and other consular services.

Buthaina Al-Kardoudi Al-Kalali, Consul General of the Kingdom of Morocco in Utrecht, underlined the importance of this approach, which comes in application of the high instructions of His Majesty the King, may God assist him, calling to bring the administration of citizens and facilitate and simplify all consular and administrative procedures required by them. It is also an opportunity aimed at offering individuals the possibility of the community, particularly those who intend to spend the summer holidays in Morocco, to complete the necessary administrative and consular procedures. documents within a reasonable and appropriate time frame.

The process benefited a large number of members of the Moroccan community and also received the approval of participants who welcomed this initiative, notably first-generation cadets who have difficulty making appointments online, as well as citizens who, due to their practical circumstances, cannot go to the consulate during normal working days to complete their administrative appointments.

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