70 sheep die on the outskirts of Berrechid… food from one of the incriminated companies.

The number of dead sheep on the outskirts of Berrechid rose to seventy lambs in the space of three days, in addition to a few calves that were intended to be sacrificed during Eid al-Adha.

According to private information, around 70 sheep died in the commune of Mabarkine in the province of Berrechid, all belonging to breeders in the region, as well as two calves, which led local authorities and the royal gendarmerie to go to place, as well as representatives of the ONSSA office.

The affected sheep were examined and reports were made, while samples were taken for the necessary analysis to determine the reasons for the death of this large number of sheep on the same farm.

Doubts hover, according to the breeders, about the feed provided by one of the companies, especially since the feed given to these sheep and calves was changed a week ago. Some claim that the incident could be the result of an intentional act, which will be confirmed or refuted by the reports, research and expertise of the ONSSA and the royal gendarmerie.

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