Tangier: A New Zealand tourist “bitten” by a stray dog, the municipality clarifies.

The municipality of Tangier has broken its silence regarding the responsibility attributed to it in the bite of a New Zealand tourist by a stray dog ​​in the city of Tangier, indicating that it was simply a scratch.

The municipality of Tangier, through its public health department and according to the tourist’s statement, clarified that he was not bitten but simply scratched while trying to play with a cat and a dog wandering a city street. The public health service assured that the tourist’s state of health is being monitored by Doctor Kawtar, who works in this service, and who affirmed that the injuries suffered by the tourist are superficial and do not cause concern.

Stray dogs are widespread on the streets of Tangier, where their initial culling caused great controversy, particularly among pet welfare groups. Subsequently, the competent authorities vaccinated several of them against rabies.

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