Police launch “Iblagh” platform to report criminal and violent content online.

Starting this week in June, the Directorate General of National Security (DGSN) launched the digital platform “Iblagh”, dedicated to reporting illicit content on the Internet. Accessible from inside and outside Morocco via all browsers and Internet applications on fixed and mobile devices, this initiative aims to strengthen digital security.

“Iblagh” is an interactive digital platform allowing Internet and social media users to quickly and securely report criminal and violent digital content, or inciting to endanger the security of individuals and groups, or advocating and inciting terrorism, or violating the rights and freedoms of minor children and others.

The development and implementation of this new platform was carried out while respecting several rules and ethics concerning the mechanisms for receiving and processing citizen reports concerning illicit digital content. Particular attention has been paid to the strict protection of users’ personal data. The platform offers several options for users to choose whether or not to declare their credentials.

This platform embodies essential security concepts and principles, including the shared production of security, making the citizen a partner in strengthening security in the broad sense, by reporting all potential threats and dangers. It also concretizes the duty to alert, requiring everyone to report all offenses and attempted offenses threatening our collective security.

The DGSN is counting on the development and launch of the “Iblagh” platform to strengthen the general feeling of security, improve the interaction between the security institution and its societal environment, and develop practical and effective mechanisms to combat related crimes. to new technologies by involving citizens in achieving digital security and preserving the Internet as a safe space free from threats and criminal behavior.

Concretely, any citizen will be able to access the digital platform “Iblagh” via their electronic address www.e-blagh.ma, and report in a simplified, secure and rapid manner criminal content that threatens them or others. Then, the DGSN technical team will carry out the necessary technical assessments and diagnoses concerning the suspects involved in the alleged crimes, before transmitting them to the territorially competent judicial police to inform the prosecution and request its instructions on the investigations carried out.

The DGSN will treat all notifications and reports received via the “Iblagh” platform with the necessary seriousness and speed, considering these reports as complaints requiring investigation and verification. All preliminary investigations will be carried out under the supervision of the territorially competent public prosecutor’s offices.

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