Tonight, “Boxing night Nador/Press conference: a gala of understanding and approach between young people from Morocco and Germany


The city of Nador is hosting this evening a boxing gala initiated by the Outmane boxing association and the Nahdate chabab Rif association of the same discipline, which will bring together a host of Moroccan and German boxers.

A conference was organized the day before the big evening, the opportunity for the organizers to take a tour of this event which, they say, represents an opportunity for young nadoris and champions from other cities in the kingdom to acquire knowledge. experience in confronting German boxing in particular and European boxing in general.

it is also an opportunity for the inhabitants of this beautiful city in the Rif to experience an American-style gala where many fights are organized with internationally renowned champions, as Mustafa Idrissi, one of the initiators, told us. of this gala in collaboration with Ouhmane Abdellaoui. Two people who carry within them the love of the city of their childhood. and as predicted by the Moroccan champion Rabii Mohamed who held in the company of Mustapha Lakhssam the other European champion of kickboxing to be present at this first gala which we hope will not be the last.

The organizers of this gala have insisted that this event will continue for a long time to come and could one day take place in one of our dear cities in our Southern Provinces of Laàyoune or Dakhla and ensure, as for Nador, that a real promotion for what is Sports Diplomacy

It also goes to recognize that this gala is a favorable opportunity for Nador to be the locomotive of the promotion of Boxing from which came great champions of the Noble Art who have restored the image of the Kingdom of Morocco

This gala demonstrated how tough and hard the will of the nadoris who want at all costs to leave their mark on a correct image of what Sport represents for the youth of Morocco

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