The Minister of Transport: We are considering connecting Marrakech and Agadir by the “TGV”.

The Minister of Transport and Logistics, Mohamed Abdellah El Jilali, revealed that a master plan developed by the National Railway Office is underway, including new railway lines, “high-speed train lines of 1300 km/h” and “classic lines of 3800 km”.

During his responses to questions from parliamentarians at the Council of Advisors on Tuesday, the minister indicated that the Office is preparing to build the high-speed line between Kenitra and Marrakech, while preparing the necessary studies for the construction of the high-speed line. speed between Marrakech and Agadir over a length of 240 km.

The minister also mentioned the completion of the feasibility study for the rail link between the cities of Agadir and Laâyoune in order to determine the route of the line and its estimated financial cost.

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